"Jay's Marketing Company hit my agency at just the right time where I was seriously looking to partner with a state of the art marketing group. I have joined full force with Agency Marketing Machine and have to say JAY HAS REALLY DONE THIS ONE RIGHT. Simply a work of art how efficiently and masterfully he is hitting and tracking all the valuable customer sales & retention points!"


“I was looking at building my agency’s digital presence and had previously gotten some other pricing. Thank goodness I found AMM first…I’m now getting 10 TIMES the ongoing services for less cost than I was even going to initially spend. In addition, what I’m getting is not even available anywhere else in my experience.”


“We have been using Agency Marketing Machine, AMM, and are beyond pleased with the service and the reaction we have received from our clients. AMM has truly become a reliable resource in which we use to communicate with our clients. AMM has created our website, social media posts, monthly e-magazines, flyers, community cause’s, updates on our events; I could literally go on and on. We have not been able to locate a more efficient, uncomplicated, well thought of marketing tool. We were sold on the idea, the assurance, and the neatness that AMM could deliver, of which they have never fallen short.”


"At first I was skeptical about trying another new marketing "system." I was looking for something that didn't require a lot of effort on my part. But I wanted to find something that would help me grow my business, become more engaged in my community, and generate more referrals. AMM met those needs and much more. My customers are engaging with me on social media and they love our online magazine. Instead of hiring a marketing director, AMM has become my marketing department and I don't have to think about where I need to focus my time when marketing my agency."


"I use Agency Marketing Machine and I could not be happier. True branding of me as an agency and they also focus on community involvement through a community cause...Priceless."


"Agency Marketing Machine is my go to vendor right now. Truth be told, I didn’t want anyone to find out I was using them (yep – I think they’re that good and I wanted to be solely differentiated) but decided the right thing to do was let you in on the secret before the rest of the market figures it out!"


"AMM is a game changer! I have tried several online programs in the past and they have all been very cumbersome, expensive and ineffective. We are good at what we do: insurance. Online Marketing has always been a different story… I am so relieved now that mastering marketing activities is no longer a burden I have to carry or pass on to my staff! Yet, we now have in place the best, most comprehensive plan we could ever dream of. Going with AMM was a no-brainer. What they are doing for my agency is not only differentiating me from others, but ensuring that those in my community understand that my agency is looking out for them as their trusted advisor, which is my main objective. I have zero doubt the AMM style of community marketing will be a significant growth catalyst for me into the foreseeable future.”